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Tel: 0845 600 9006 (9.00am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday)
Did you know that the Business Link Helpline is still available and continues to provide a quick response service (over the phone, via email and social media) to people with questions about starting or running a business and those who are unable to find the support they are looking for via web-based services.
The Helpline helps pre-starts, new start-ups and existing businesses to identify advice needs and gain fast access to on-line support and/or access to trusted business experts at the national and local level.
A specialist business advice service also forms part of the Helpline service offer. For businesses that are in need of additional assistance or who have more complex issues this targeted service provides those meeting specific criteria with a more personalised and in-depth advice through a small team of Business Support Advisers (BSAs).
The BSAs are a small team of highly experienced advisors who facilitate conversations over the phone which are tailored to the customer's needs, irrelevant of their trading status, location or personal circumstances. Businesses are able to choose an appointment time that is convenient for them, giving them up to 60 minutes of free essential business support.

Tees Valley

Situated in the North East of England and nestled between North Yorkshire and County Durham, Tees Valley covers an area of 304 square miles with a population of 660,000.

Tees Valley Unlimited

One of the first Local Enterprise Partnerships in the country to gain approval from the Government, TVU has a growing reputation as a leading and forward thinking organisation building on over a decade of successful public and private sector partnership working.

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